5 Podcasts To Up Your Marketing Game

A silver lining of being forced to slow down lately is that I’ve had the chance to catch up on my favorite podcasts. The world of social media and content creation is always evolving, so I’m constantly researching and finding new industry thought leaders to follow. 

Whether you’re a small business owner or a creative marketer, here’s a roundup of binge-worthy podcasts I regularly listen to for marketing advice and tips on successfully running (and growing!) a business. 

  • Social Media Marketing Podcast – This podcast is rich with content, tools and tips for using social media in your business. The host Michael Stelzner asks great questions from leading experts about everything from creating organic content to digital advertising strategy. Want even more great social media content? Visit his Social Media Examiner website for more insights and the latest research. The site’s annual social media study is also can’t-miss. (The 2020 Study just came out on May 11th–recap on the blog coming soon!)  
  • Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield –  I always have a notebook and pen ready when I listen to this podcast. Amy Porterfield is the queen of creating and marketing online courses, but her podcast offers value far beyond that. I love her tips for improving business processes and growing an online presence. If you’re still working to move your business online, check out recent Episode #310: Taking Your Brick & Mortar Business Online.
  • Goal Digger – Jenna Kutcher is one of my all-time favorite people to follow for sound marketing and business advice. Her episodes come out on Monday and Wednesday each week and they’re such an important part in my morning routine! (Well, that and coffee.) I love her interviews with fellow female entrepreneurs, like this one with Barbara Corcoran, and the marketing tips she offers in each episode. I’m always applying new learnings from her podcast and online resources to my client work and what I do for my own businesses. 
  • The Copywriter Club – This is one of the more recent podcasts I started listening to, but I’m already in love! So much of what I do consists of writing blogs, websites, printed materials and social media for clients–this podcast has so many great tips and ideas! If you’re looking for tips on storytelling, refining key messages and freelancing, this podcast’s for you, too. I just wrapped up designing and writing a client’s website, and Episode #183 had great advice about writing with SEO in mind! 
  • Being Boss – This podcast is also a new find but quickly becoming a favorite! The tips from hosts and businesswomen Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon are so helpful and range from productivity hacks and financial strategies, to starting and marketing a business. Their recent Q&A episodes were one of the first episodes I listened to and offer such great tactical advice for all kinds of businesses and entrepreneurs. A must-listen!

Do you have a favorite podcast or listen to any of the ones on this list? Drop it in the comments below!